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PMTC Driver Screening Portal, powered by ISB

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC), and the Insurance Search Bureau of Canada (ISB), have joined forces to offer PMTC Members and contacts a secure and efficient way to screen new drivers and other employees during the hiring process. The PMTC Driver Screening Portal, powered by ISB, is active as of March 15th. With this new service, employers looking to offer a recruit a conditional job offer, can direct the potential hire to the PMTC Portal, where the candidate can verify their ID, and then order the documents that the company requires, and have them delivered to the recruiter in a secure format, while reducing delay times that come with the processing of some documents, such as a Criminal Check. Through this portal, potential hires can order a Provincial Drivers Abstract, a CVOR abstract if from Ontario, as well as ISB’s Premium National Criminal Background Check.

SkillsPass Covid-19 Worksafe Course

As you know, COVID-19 will be with us for a while. We are committed to providing you a safe working environment and getting through this together. There is a great deal of confusing and false information out there about COVID-19. As a result, the PMTC Board of Directors has agreed to partner with Bluedrop Learning Networks, a Canadian-based globally recognized e-learning innovator to bring a proven COVID-19 Work Safe training course to our membership, and for our extended carrier and stakeholder groups. The training is free, with no revenue going to the PMTC or Bluedrop if you complete this course. The goal is to ensure as many people as possible take it to ensure we reduce the spread of this infectious disease.

PMTC On-line Drivers’ Academy

PMTC Online Drivers' Academy, powered by CarriersEdge and KRTS, offers you a wide range of driver training options to cover your safety, compliance, and professional development needs.

The Subscription Service gives you unlimited use of a complete library of training courses for one low monthly rate.  With more than 40 titles in the library, and more added regularly, you'll never run out of content for your driver training programs. And with content available in multiple forms – full length courses, mini-module refreshers, and standalone knowledge tests – you'll have the flexibility you need to handle orientation, remedial training, and ongoing driver development. You can even add your own content if you like.

$6 per month per driver for unlimited access, $4 per month if you have over 200 users.

PMTC Driver License Verification Check

For only $2.75 per check, PMTC members will have access to the only National Verification Database in Canada.

“While companies must run full drivers abstracts at least once per year, at a cost of a minimum of $12 per check, companies should, in order to show due diligence, to protect their assets, protect their company from potential litigation, compliance issues, as well as possible vehicle impoundment, run verification checks more frequently throughout the year”, says PMTC President Mike Millian.  “Running a Nationwide licence status and class check is definitely a best practice, and something that shows a company is doing everything it can to ensure driver licence qualification. Being able to do this at the extremely low price of only $2.75 per check, is an added bonus!”

Ordering the verification checks is simple and can be done from your desk. You will usually receive a report back on the status of your driver’s licences within minutes. Once your drivers list is set up, you can submit multiple driver’s licences for verification with one click of the mouse. Running a check has never been simpler and cost effective.

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking Online Training

The SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) online training is now available. FleetSmart, the federal government’s online resource, offers free and practical training to reduce fuel consumption, operation costs and harmful vehicle emissions.

What is SmartDriver for Highway Trucking training?

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) is a free driver training program to help truckers and trucking companies reduce fuel use, cut costs, increase profits and improve competitiveness. Transportation accounts for nearly a quarter of all GHG emissions in Canada. Fuel-efficient driving techniques reduce fuel consumption and help Canada meet its climate change goals.

In fact, SDHT training combined with advanced equipment can help improve fuel efficiency by up to 35%— a significant saving, given today’s fuel prices.

Moving ahead efficiently

The online course focuses on energy-management factors within a driver’s control, such as idling, start and stop techniques, progressive shifting, trip planning and maintenance.

Participants gain greater knowledge of fuel-saving driving techniques that can be put into practice immediately.

Those who complete the training with a mark of at least 80% receive a certificate of achievement.

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What training is available to you?

SDHT offers a flexible suite of online, in-classroom and on-road training materials geared to the needs of drivers in training, fleet drivers and owner-operators. 

SDHT training has three components that can be used individually or together in a blended learning approach:

SDHT Online  

A self-study web-based training program for individual drivers. There are three learning streams:

  • SDHT Owner-operator serves drivers who own their own tractors;
  • SDHT Fleet Driver supports drivers-in-training and those who drive for employers; and
  • SDHT Fundamentals delivers a brief SmartDriver refresher. 

SDHT Classroom

Provides fleet Master Trainers with materials to deliver 26 lessons in four modules. The course highlights fuel-efficient driving techniques that help improve safety and conserve fuel. SDHT Classroom also examines vehicle care and inspection routines that maximize truck efficiency.

SDHT On-road Practicum

Teams drivers with professional driving instructors so they can apply SDHT learning in the cab. Delivered on the road or in a simulator (if available on company premises), the practicum assesses driver performance before and after SmartDriver training to measure the effectiveness of the curriculum.

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Young Leaders Education Bursary

Starting in 2016, PMTC, in conjunction with CITT, will be awarding two eligible PMTC members over $1300.00 each in funding to complete the “PMTC Logistics Management Graduate Program”.  

This will cover the cost for two of the four courses required to complete the course. Students have the option to complete the other two at any time, and will be awarded a diploma from PMTC when completed.

Anyone is able to take the course if they wish.

Professional Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Scholarship

Starting in 2016, PMTC will award a PMTC member with a Professional Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Scholarship which will cover the costs for the recipient to complete a full training program through KRTS, or another registered training provider should the candidate be from outside of Ontario.  

This program is an intensive minimum 200 hour course, which when completed, will arm the new Professional Driver with a high level of training, as set by the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) and the Truck Training Schools Associate of Ontario (TTSAO) mandatory requirements.

These standards will provide the student with the skills and confidence necessary to become a successful Professional Driver.