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2021 Winners of the Vehicle Graphics Design Awards3M - PMTC VEHICLE GRAPHICS DESIGN AWARDS

Co-sponsored by 3M Canada’s Commercial Graphics Division, the 3M - PMTC Vehicle Graphics Design Awards recognize truck fleet operators (private or for-hire) and graphic design companies that graphically enhance their vehicles. 

“Vehicle graphics not only  promote products and services but deliver a positive image of the trucking community,” says Mike Millian, president, Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.  “Through this competition PMTC & 3M help encourage the visual creativity of fleet operators and graphic houses.  We are pleased to have 3M’s support for continuing this long-standing awards program, which is open to all Canadian fleets, whether private or for-hire.”

“3M is delighted with the continued growth of this very popular competition, the only one of its kind in Canada,” said Mohamed Soffar, Channel Marketer for 3M’s Commercial Graphics group, “Entries come from all corners of the Country and the creativity of designers is very special. It is a wonderful promotional opportunity for entrants as the results are not only displayed during the PMTC conference in June, but in a number of industry magazines as well.”

“Companies that use effective fleet graphics while delivering their products are making the best possible use of the marketing opportunities that their fleet offers,” said Millian.  We’re proud to partner with 3M to promote and celebrate this aspect of the Canadian trucking community.” 


2021 Winners of the Vehicle Graphics Design Awards


2020 Winners of the Vehicle Graphics Design Awards


Past Winners of the Vehicle Graphics Design Awards