Private motor truck council of Canada


Enhanced Analytics and the impact on the Transportation and
Logistics industry.  


Topic: The Real-World Power of Data Analytics
Presenter(s): Sanchia Duran, Sales Director, BlackBerry Radar & Matt Carr, Senior Director, Operations, CPC Logistics Inc.

  • Understand how Data Analytics can provide visibility into a business
  • Discuss real-world examples of how data analytics improved CPC Logistics Inc.
  • Discover where data analytics could improve your operations through visibility
  • Save money, save time
  • Spend in areas that require investment
  • Fact based decisions

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Screening for Cognitive Impairment: Ontario’s Enhanced Road Test


Robyn Robertson
Traffic Injury Research Foundation

This presentation provides an overview of a new cognitive road test developed by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) for the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario, Canada (MTO). TIRF developed and evaluated the Enhanced Road Test (ERT) in 2016 to assess a driver’s cognitive fitness to drive. It was designed to flag individuals for potential cognitive impairment and help distinguish between those drivers fit to drive and those not fit to drive. The presentation summarizes research evidence on fitness to drive and cognitive impairment, describes the different components of the ERT, discusses key findings from this study, and reviews conclusions as well as next steps for drivers, employers and owner operators. 

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Covid-19 Workplace Training Webinar February 18/2021

Accelerating Skill Development

Leveraging Technology to Deploy, Track, and Maintain Third-Party Training Credentials

Details: : In this presentation, Bluedrop Learning Networks will highlight industry trends related to e-learning and micro-credential advancements, and showcase how Government agencies and Industry Associations are leveraging software solutions and SaaS technology to help accelerate skill development and deliver critical broad-based training (e.g., COVID-19 workplace safety training) making it easy for employers to augment their own training (e.g., driver safety, materials handling, etc.), and ensure that through the use of digital passport technology, all third party contractors and stakeholders meet and maintain required industry standards with greater simplicity and efficiency.

Presenters: Bluedrop Learning Networks, Tom Loder & Shawn Ryan

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Covid-19 Testing and workplace strategies Webinar Dec 16

COVID-19 Testing and Workplace Strategies

"To Test, R-naught to Test"

Why test?

  • Current testing options available in Canada
  • What a test can and cannot tell you
  • Suggested COVID-19testing in the workplace

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PMTC Webinar for Nov 18th 2020 - Driving Cost Reductions with Improved Safety

Improved Safety was the leading cost reduction strategy by private fleets in Canada in the PMTC’s 2020 benchmarking survey.  Learn from recognized leaders in the industry from trucking, insurance, and consulting/technology perspectives on how best to approach an improved safety strategy to drive cost reductions. 

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