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The ‘Driven to Lead’ program is an experiential, practical leadership program that will take participants through hands-on and impactful exercises focusing on topics like culture, teamwork, accountability and strategy. It is intended for both up-and-coming and current leaders who are looking to advance and develop their personal and professional skills.

The program will be facilitated by Eagle’s Flight ( at their facility in Guelph, Ontario. Eagle’s Flight is known as a global leader in education for their approach to delivering training programs that are business-relevant and invoke lasting behavioral change.

The program consists of four separate full-day modules. Participants can elect to complete the entire ‘Driven to Lead’ program or select individual modules. Graduates of the entire program (all four modules) will receive free registration for the PMTC’s annual conference in June 2020 where they will be presented with their diploma. Graduates of individual modules will receive a certificate of completion for the module(s) they complete.

The ‘Driven to Lead’ program will commence in Mid 2020. The full-day program modules are currently being arranged.  Please check back soon for posted dates and agendas.

Both PMTC members and non-members are welcome. Registration costs for the program are as follows:

  • PMTC member

·         Entire program (four modules) = $TBD*

·         Per program module (one module) = $TBD*

  • Non-member

·         Entire program (four modules) = $TBD*

·         Per program module (one module) = $TBD*

* Registration costs are subject to HST

Not a member of the PMTC and the YLG? Take advantage of our trial membership offer. For $125, you can experience the benefits of YLG membership and member pricing for a 1-year trial period. For more information, e-mail Annette Kieft at, or call 905-827-0587.

To register for the entire program or individual program modules, e-mail Annette Kieft at, or call 905-827-0587. More information about the training facility and program schedule will be provided upon registration.

The Young Leaders Group (YLG) of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada’s (PMTC) ‘Driven to Lead’ program is sponsored by KRTS Transportation Specialists Inc. ( and TransRep Inc. (

This program is being offered as part of the YLG’s on-going mission to bring value to the next generation through education, discussions and networking. Get out! Get involved! Get inspired!