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Mandatory training is finally here
In my last column I expressed concerns with the manner in which the Toronto Star newspaper had covered a criminal trial, describing the individual charged as a ‘truck driver’, when in fact his occupation had absolutely nothing to do with…

R-E-S-P-E-C-T where it’s due
Respect for individuals in business is difficult to earn. Usually it develops over a long period of time and is most often the result of attributes such as consistent performance, exceeding expectations, demonstrating integrity, and the respect that is shown…

Generations needn’t be divided
There has been a good deal written about the challenges that the trucking industry faces in attracting the next generation to its workforce. It is a sustainability issue of paramount importance. Considering the situation with drivers as an example, current…

Private fleet professionals gather

The 2014 annual conference of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada took place in June, and once again proved itself to be the single best educational and networking forum for the private truckin…

A timely learning experience

I recently had a most interesting experience observing students learning about important aspects of road safety. It involved a high school, a group of volunteers, the Ministry of Transportation, local police, and more students than I could count. But, I’m…

Fleet managers and suppliers join forces
Everyone involved with truck transportation should recognize the need to stay current with regulatory changes, with technology, and with new concepts in the world of trucking. My discussions with PMTC members indicate to me that they are at the…

Getting tough on distracted driving
In last month’s column I expressed bemusement with drivers who ignore bad winter weather and try to go about their business as though it’s always a sunny summer day and they are the only ones on the road.

When common sense is absent
Where I sit most days, in what some refer to as Southern Ontario, some as mid-Ontario, and some simply with scorn, we are going through what seems to be the longest, coldest, winter in living memory.

Another award available to fleets
There is just about enough good economic news around these days to make us think we may be witnessing a significant change in the economy, a change that could build momentum and lead us back to the prosperity of former years.

Training needs go beyond those of drivers
Last month in this column we addressed the question of what the industry needs, wants, or can afford in the way of training for entry level truck drivers. It’s at least a three part question: first, I think we can all agree that training…


Private fleets meet to learn and honour
The 2013 annual conference of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, which took place in June, once again proved to be the single best educational and networking forum for the private trucking community.

Important days for private trucking
One of, if not the most important benefits of membership with the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada is the readily available opportunities that such membership provides to learn from experts in a wide variety of fields and from the...

Distracted driving 102
Distracted driving is the cause of more collisions, accidents and near misses than can be accurately tabulated. For fleet operators, there appears to be little they can do other than continue to drive home the associated risks and encourage...

NOC and FCR: Both are overdue for revision
We seem to have general agreement that there is a shortage of qualified truck drivers in Canada, and now the attention of the industry and the government needs to be turned towards remedies.....

PMTC awards season is now open
As you read this, it is February or close to it, the deepest part of the winter in most of Canada. And while the skiers, skaters, and outdoor types are still enjoying the weather, the rest of us may be longing for something, anything, that we...

Better smile if driving in Quebec
Quebec’s recent announcement that it will deploy photo radar in specific locations throughout the province is likely to raise as much ire among truckers who transgress speed laws as did the introduction of speed limiters a few years ago....



Reasons for optimism still exist
Collectively, we in this industry have an opportunity, and my hope is that we get to take full advantage of it. Human resource issues are top of the list when it comes to surveys of what fleet managers spend most of their time on. It’s...

Whatever your beliefs, membership in a like-minded group has its benefits
I don’t suppose for a moment that there are many people in the trucking community who could hazard an accurate guess as to how many years trucking associations in Canada have been serving their members....

Creating memories that last
Now that we are in 2012’s post-Olympic Games phase and a beautiful summer is beginning to edge toward autumn, there can be a tendency to feel just a little let down, a little mellowed out as it were....

Something new for the small guys?
Every now and again something curious pops up in the news, something that is a bit of a head-scratcher. Late in June one of those items came across my desk, and I was curious enough to do a little research to find out more....

Private fleets gather to educate and honour
A couple of days in June spent in a country-like setting just north of Toronto paid big dividends for attendees at the annual conference of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC)....

Ontario's Ministry of Transportation goes to work
Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, under a relatively new Minister in Bob Chiarelli, recently moved on several initiatives that the industry has supported or proposed and, after what in some cases seemed like years of waiting under...

The value of continuous education
Economic indicators and the pundits on both sides of the Canada/US border are a little more optimistic these days. Less formal indicators include my conversations with PMTC members, both fleet operators and industry suppliers, who universally...

We need to stop eating our young
They say the future is in our own hands. I can only offer qualified support for that philosophy because I believe the future of this industry is in the hands of two different groups, segregated by the demographics of age....

The feds got this one wrong
Just imagine if you will, an almost perfect collaboration between government and industry with a longstanding track record of delivering valuable products, research and information that both parties agree is needed...

Looking for something to celebrate?
With so many segments of our industry still under economic siege, you need to look pretty deeply to some find good news. But a little celebration can go a long way to restoring optimism and that’s what this column is about...

It's anniversary time!
Everyone enjoys an anniversary fete and here at the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada we are about to celebrate 35 years of serving the private trucking community in Canada. The original articles of PMTC's incorporation were filed in...