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SmartDriver for Highway Trucking

For professional drivers, owner operators and fleet managers.

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) is a free driver training program to help truckers and trucking companies reduce fuel use, cut costs, increase profits and improve competitiveness. In fact, SDHT is proven to help improve fuel efficiency by up to 35 percent—a significant saving given today’s fuel prices.

The course focuses on energy-management factors within a driver’s control, such as idling, start/stop techniques, progressive shifting, trip planning and maintenance. Participants gain greater knowledge of fuel-saving driving techniques that can be put into practice immediately.

Those who complete the training with a mark of at least 80 percent receive a certificate of achievement.

Course Outline

SDHT training has three components that can be used individually or together in a blended learning approach:
  • SDHT Classroom provides fleet Master Trainers with materials to deliver 26 lessons in four modules. The course highlights fuel-efficient driving techniques that help improve safety and conserve fuel. SDHT Classroom also examines vehicle care and inspection routines that maximize truck efficiency.
  • SDHT Online  is a self-study web-based training program for individual drivers. There are three learning streams: SDHT Owner-operator serves drivers who own their own tractors; SDHT Fleet Driver supports drivers-in-training and those who drive for employers; and SDHT Fundamentals, which delivers a brief SmartDriver refresher.
  • SDHT On-road Practicum teams drivers with professional driving instructors to apply SDHT learning in the cab. Delivered on the road or in a simulator (if available on company premises), the practicum assesses driver performance before and after SmartDriver training to measure the effectiveness of the curriculum.

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